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Edstem Meetup November 2021

by: Thomas Oommen

December 11, 2021


It was a dream come true for Team Edstem. After a long spell of solitary workspace, the very prospect of camping together for four days was exciting. The old-timers were meeting each other after a considerable gap and many of the freshers were seeing other team members for the first time. It was an occasion they were eagerly looking forward to.

The Venue

The venue was ideally suitable for unwinding and relaxation. AELI Hills at Keezhmadu, near Aluva, is a picturesque location, with a panoramic view of the vast surrounding area, including Kochi International Airport and even a glimpse of the Arabian Sea on the horizon. The eco-friendly campus has a sylvan atmosphere with trees and flowers of every hue. It had plenty of space to roam around and even a large stadium ground for cricket and football. There are also two swimming pools, a secluded one for ladies.

AELI hills


The camp was conducted from 11th to 14th November 2021. It was planned meticulously. Right from the ice-breaking session on our inaugural day, the programs went on smoothly like a flowing stream. Each day was different. The day started with a refreshing breakfast and went on seamlessly till 10.30 p.m. The programs were interesting because of their variety and suitability. With games and activities that catered to the taste and talent of everyone, the participation was voluntary and enthusiastic.   

Team formation and bonding

Participants were divided into four teams namely, Marvel, Balsamiq, Sketch and Zeplin. These team names were inspired by popular UX software. The games and competitions tested the physical, artistic and intellectual skills of the participants.

Team meeting

Games and Activities

There were outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Badminton, Tug of war, Lemon race, Candle race, Water Relay Race, Dodge ball, Team-building hula hoop etc. Indoor games had more variety. There was Dumb Charades, Rapid quiz, Glass pyramid, Robotic games, Balloon game, Separation-anxiety game, Dart game, Draw-on-my-back challenge, Chinese whisper game and Carroms. A healthy competitive sportsman spirit was evident throughout the games.

Food and Amenities

It is said that the way to a person's heart is through the stomach. The success of any program is usually rated by the quality of food served. Edstem had hired the services of a renowned Catering agency, the leading one in the state, for the meet-up. Each buffet meal was a gastronomic delight, with a continuous supply of snacks to munch on at intervals. This kept everyone continuously energized and happy. A special shamiana was set up on top of the hill for dining.


Winners and prizes

The prize distribution at the Official Meeting on the final day was an occasion of celebration. The winners were handsomely rewarded. Aravind Sankar was the winner of the photographic contest with his Fabulous Shot capturing the Spirit of Edstem meet-up and won an iPhone 12 Pro. Varun Karanda was voted the Spirit of Edstem and was rewarded with Amazon Eco-show. The senior-most members Midhun Madhavan and Megha Augustine were honoured with Amazon Eco-show for their valuable commitment for the last 7 years.  

Winning moments


The meet-up concluded with a friendly, informative and interactive session led by Jerrish Varghese wherein he conveyed the vision and the future plans for Edstem.  

Four fun-filled days was an exhilarating and rejuvenating experience for everyone. It was a temporary respite from the all-work-and-no-fun regime of the work-from-home period. One noteworthy feature of the meet-up was the camaraderie that prevailed throughout. It was an exercise in team bonding and collaborative work culture. Each Edstem team member felt that their career growth is linked to the progress of the Company. While packing their bags for the return journey, the question in everyone's mind was when are we going to have another one like this?

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