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Empowering Women, Empowering Futures - Inspiring Women's Journeys

by: Sachin Biju, Anisha Mariam Thomas, Sangeeta Saha, Nancy Alfred

March 08, 2024


On International Women's Day, we celebrate the inspiring women of Edstem who are shaping the future of technology. Their stories are testaments to their perseverance, ingenuity, and dedication, fueled by the supportive environment we foster at Edstem.

Anisha Mariam Thomas

Anisha headshot

I was on a planned career break after working for more than 13 years, and mentally embraced it as a potential early retirement knowing the intensifying competition. I knew about Edstem long before my career break, through a dear friend of mine and harbored aspirations of being part of it or an entity embodying similar warmth, culture, camaraderie-ship & vision when I resumed. A few months into my break I came to know about an upcoming opportunity at Edstem and gave my candidature.

I was onboarded on November 2022 and I was beyond grateful for this chance which I manifested long time back. The opportunities I have had here has helped me evolve myself for the better. Every day presents new experiences which broadens my horizon. The support from the team and work flexibility offered has played a key role in meeting the demands of the job without compromising on one’s personal commitments. I cherish the collaborations with the senior leadership and the seasoned team which has a clear vision of the onward journey. I look forward to long fruitful years as Edstem envisions to scale unprecedented heights.

Sangeeta Saha

Sangeeta headshot

After a career break of 9 years, I knew that I had to start from scratch all over again. So, I completed a course in Full Stack development and joined Edstem in March 2021. Very grateful to Edstem for having the confidence to hire me after such a long break and consider my previous project management experience, thus restarting my career.

After joining, I was given enough settling time before starting active work in projects, which ensured a smooth transition to the work day routine. I have worked in 4-5 projects so far, and the work has been both challenging and exciting. Be it technical guidance or managing heavy workload, I always received support from management and team members. The appreciation received from management on completing even small milestones, helps in further boosting our confidence.

As I complete 3 years with Edstem this month, looking forward to new growth opportunities.

Nancy Alfred

Nancy headshot

Prior to working with Edstem, I have worked for 4 years on multiple projects. I joined Edstem in October 2021 as a Software Engineer, and my experience so far has been good. I appreciate the work from home option, which helps me maintain a work-life balance. The sessions for uplifting careers are also great and gives everyone a chance to learn. Initially, I had low confidence in communicating with others, but my experience with Edstem has helped me improve my communication skills.

Regarding the work culture at Edstem, I like the emphasis on technology upgrades and career advancement. Personally, I am committed to learning new technologies and motivating other team members. I believe in promoting happiness and positivity in the workplace. Thank you Edstem for providing a wonderful experience.

Women of Edstem

Women power

Beyond these inspiring stories, countless other women at Edstem continue to break barriers and achieve their full potential. Our dedication to equity, acceptance, and nurturing a supportive environment empowers our female workforce to thrive in their careers. We celebrate their achievements and their vital contributions to Edstem success. Join us today in acknowledging and uplifting all amazing women in the corporate world!


At Edstem, we celebrate the extraordinary women who drive our company forward with their talent, passion, and dedication. Their stories inspire us with their resilience, growth mindset, and the supportive environment we foster here. We're committed to empowering and recognizing all women at Edstem, every single day, not just on International Women's Day. Let's unite in celebrating their accomplishments and persist in constructing a corporate world that is more open-minded and equitable for all.

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