Cloud Native

Cloud Computing delivery model is most sought out in today’s deployment of products, and Cloud Native is an approach to building and running applications that leverages the advantages of this model. Cloud native is all about how applications are deployed, and not where. It offers the ability of nearly limitless computing power, that too using on-demand engineering services.

The Cloud Native Model

Ideally, cloud native applications and services require a platform, that t automates and integrates the concepts of DevOps, Continuous delivery, Microservices, and Containers.


DevOps is the collaboration between software developers and IT operations with the sole aim of constantly delivering high-quality software. The software iteratively aims at solving customer requirements and helps in iterative releases of high performing optimal solution. The environment is such that the building, testing and releasing software happens rapidly, frequently, and more consistently.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is primarily enabled using Agile processes. It involves constantly releasing small chunks of code into production, with automation enabled. Making the whole process automated ensures that there is less room for manual error, and much frequent and rapid release of highly reliable code.


Microservices is a technical architectural approach wherein the application is delivered as a collection of small services – with each service implementing key business capabilities. Each of these services run on its own and communicates to other services via APIs. Each microservice can typically be automated to be deployed, modified, upgraded, scaled, or restarted independent of other services in the application, thus enabling frequent and rapid updates to applications with minimal impact.

Cloud Native Consulting

Containers are ideal for deploying individual microservices. Here, a single OS instance is dynamically divided among chunks (containers), each catering to specific service, and with unique file system and resource quote, chosen by the customer. These containers offer both efficiency and speed compared with standard stand-alone virtual machines. Containers can be easily initiated, scaled or destroyed, thus making it ideal for deployment.

Why go Cloud Native?

Cloud Native applications are built to suit the cloud deployment model. These applications provide organizations with much benefits, including quicker and rapid releases, resilience, and platform independence.
A Cloud Native transformation is a complex process, and must be planned and not to be undertaken in haste. It might require complete transformation at various technological levels, but the benefits that can be reaped in short and long term duration are tremendous, as if done right, the whole development and testing process is quicker, with minimal disruptions to user experience.
  • The cloud native apps are highly collaborative, involving DevOps, thus enabling smoother deployment
  • Cloud Native apps use the concept of Continuous Delivery, thus responding quickly and effectively to customer feedback and requirements
  • Cloud Native containerization enables the applications to be scaled automatically
  • Less failure rate and rapid recovery of the system owing to resource orchestration
  • Right sized capacity of containers, resulting in effective and efficient costs incurred
  • Independent automated services ensure that failure at one place do not fail the entire system.
  • Automating IT Operations lessens the chances of human error, thus setting clear priorities for the team to work on business goals.

Willing to go Cloud Native with us?

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