Custom Software Development

We offer custom software solutions to meet your business requirements and to derive competitive advantage in the latest and most efficient technology stack.


Develop Bespoke Software?

Have a great business idea or thought which you would like to take the shape of a software application? Think that few changes to the process and technology used might radicalize your core business? Look no further – we can assist you in getting a software tailor made for your needs, based on any requirements you have? And in the latest technologies – be it in Java, Javascript Fullstack, Python, BI, or any emerging or established technology, we have our expertise in getting complete solutions designed and developed. Click on the button below to get started with us.
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Why Custom Software?

Designing and developing a software which suits your ideas and requirements, provides a wide range of benefits to the business. We can help you with cost-effective solutions, both web, mobile or both, as per business requirements. We believe for a fact in customer collaboration, from the word go. This helps much in clarified requirements and joint development among teams across the globe, thus ensuring high quality software developed, with minimal overhead to operations.
Let’s see what key benefits a custom developed software can offer –
  • Efficiency – Purpose-built tailored software catering to all key business functions
  • Scalability – Effectively scalable software built, suiting business needs
  • Cost Effectiveness – Help own a software with our terms, and free from major licensing or other related costs
  • Profitability – Save money from developing suitable business modules, as well as from licensing to other firms
  • Lower Integration Costs – Save on integrating with existing or new modules, of the relevant business features
Key Steps that we follow
  • Conceptualize in collaboration with the client
  • Design and approve the architecture and screens
  • Develop Continuous in multiple Sprints
  • Automated builds, tests, security checks, and deployments
  • Release iteratively, till product signoff
  • Continued Support and Maintenance

Our Process Workflow

We believe in building the software together. When a client approaches us with idea/ requirements, we look into all aspects, including technology and development methodologies suiting project needs. Agile development with high customer involvement is our forte, with iterative features being rolled out in deliverables, at specific intervals. This is considering various DevOps functions into place, including development pipelines for better automated results, to be seen by the customer. We also develop software in RAD and SAFe methodologies, if the customer finds it suitable.
The technology chosen would be based on various considerations, including business needs, scalability, integration points and others. Our experts would sit and deliberate on these with the customers, prior to getting onto the design and development of the software. Once finalized, the software functions will be achieved in agile, with continued support offered throughout, even after full product release.

Custom Software Services

Bringing into light few of our flagship custom software services which our technology agnostic team has provided over the last few years, with high customer collaboration, and immense customer delight.

B2B, B2C Custom Software Applications

Our technical team has been highly successful in creating multiple B2B and B2C solutions, specifically in the logistics and e-commerce arena, which enable seamless integrations and data flow between various business systems and customers, Our Warehousing solution has been much appreciated by the client, and is a glowing testimony to an amalgamation of both B2B and B2C processes. Be it online commerce, accounting, procurement, gamification, payment, contract management, logistics – we have our domain expertise in each of these systems, Not to mention, we have a long standing partnership in terms of new developments or support, with each of these customers.

Enterprise Applications

We have teamed up with some of the best-known names in the software arena, such as Elsevier, TopCoder, Wipro – to deliver highly scalable enterprise solutions and functions. Our solutions have helped much in optimizing critical business functions as well as scaling up existing Legacy Systems.

SaaS Applications and Products

SaaS applications and Product development has been our forte, specifically in the Middle East region. We have built SaaS solutions in multiple domains as wide as schools and catering, from learning to security solutions. All these products were built highly cost-effective and were delivered much ahead of the scheduled delivery time.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile app development team is highly proficient in building mobile applications in iOS or Android systems, and using Native or Hybrid technologies. We have mobile apps built for customers across the globe, in a wide range of domain, which can be used independent or can be integrated to, and used in conjunction with web modules. From simple food apps, to complex multi media mobile applications, we have been there, and done that.