Hire Dedicated Developers

Are you in the lookout for specialized dedicated professionals to augment your team and help you achieve more? Would you like subject matter experts, in key, in-demand technical and project management skillset? Look no further – as we can help you much in this regard. We are a trusted partner for clients across the globe, with our recruits working hand in hand with leading technological firms.


How we can help?

Our team has an endless pool of talented technology specialists in Front-end, Backend and Full Stack Development in Java and Javascript technologies. Our consultancy team is widely and highly experienced – and our project management skillset (in agile and non-agile teams), is impeccable. Need people for design, development, deployment, management? Need experts in Java, Spring, Nodejs, ExpressJS, Python, Angular, Ionic, Android, Swift, JIRA, Jenkins, Kubernetes, AWS - you name it we most certainly have it. With more than 15+ years of individual experience and 7+ years as a company, Edstem definitely has a developer that fits your needs. Fill in the Consultation form by clicking on the button below, and we will reach out to you.
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Why Hire Developers?

In addition to choosing the right team and building a culture of open and honest collaboration, another vital step toward DevOps transformation is automating your builds, tests, deployments, infrastructure, and other processes where possible.

Team Augmentation with Experts

Get the best experts to work with you on shaping up the requirements to high quality products. You really would not need to worry much about the technical glitches and existing team technical handicaps much, as you will be hiring developers of your choice, with proven records in the technology of your choice. What better way to augment the team? Consultants, Designers, Developers, Project Management professionals – we can offer you the best in each arena.

Round the clock development and support

With products and projects going global, it gives an added advantage if the development and support happens round the clock. With our team members, working in different timezones, it is much easy to achieve the same – thus ensuring 100% product availability and continued, shortened time for development. Agile teams can be formed across the globe, thus effectively transitioning a day’s work to the next team member, when the team member gets ready for the day’s work.

Cost Effective Operations

Our talent pool is highly skilled and experienced, but definitely would cost you less, owing to the geographical location of our offices. The project can be scheduled and executed, and delivered, with much lesser planned budget, providing room for larger scope, if need be. Rest assured, we always provide the best, in the most reasonable costs.

Channelize more your core business

With a great team to support and help build the projects and products you were looking for, its imperative that you need to worry much less on the project execution front. This would enable garner higher results, and enable much more time and resources to focus on core business area, thus expanding the businesses.