Software Support and Maintenance

All IT firms of any size or stature spend a lion's share of their budget on in-house maintenance, correction and upgrading of software. Software maintenance and support is time-consuming and important, to ensure the continuous availability of the B2B, B2C or internal processes. The same also takes up a lot of company resources and designated work hours of the employees, taking attention away from core business activities.


Let’s help you with Software Maintenance and Support

Our diverse work force makes it easy for assistance in maintenance and support of big and small software and processes, across companies. Our professionals can help you with any on-going continuous support, adaptive enhancements, perfective upgrades, technical improvements, regular updates, real-time, or plain help-desk support. We have experience in working in a variety of legacy, enterprise and mobile technologies, enabling us to help you much in terms of maintaining software across domains and technologies.
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Why us for software maintenance?

Maintenance of existing software is not everyone’s cup of tea owing to wide range of business, technical and organizational reasons. However, the software which is key to the business processes need to be well supported, and ensured that is available round the clock, for the whole year.
We list down few reasons why you can think of entrusting us with the support and maintenance of your key business software.
  • Widely experienced experts in variety of technologies and domain
  • Cost-effective support operations and specific plans
  • Timely Service and round the clock availability
  • Flexible and easily adaptable to your requirements
  • Technical Consultation packages available for upgrade suggestions
  • Involve Technology Partners, and not just technical support personnel

Our Software Support Services

When we are assigned the task of maintaining a software, we do analyze and are ready to carry out multiple types of support services suiting the client and project. Listing below few categories of the software support services which we offer, for clients across the globe.

Adaptive Maintenance and Support Services

We will analyze the complete software and decide on any changes or adaptations required, as well as suggest any upgrades needed. Some of our adaptive maintenance services include modifications in data models and formats, utility/ service class modifications to improve performance, reconfigurations, localization changes, key framework changes based on new requirements, integrations of new and improved systems, if needed.

Corrective Maintenance and Support Services

Our team of highly qualified technical team members would continue to analyze the software for maintenance, and might offer few corrective measures to improve the product. Few of our corrective maintenance services include fixing any key logical errors, coding errors, performance optimization fixes, design upgrades, database remodeling, among others.

Perfective Maintenance and Support Services

Any software developed would incur continuous upgrades till the launch and much beyond the launch date. The road to perfecting a software is long, and quite often, extends much beyond the core development cycle. Few services which we offer in perfective maintenance services include, small and large enhancements, better user designed screens and related changes, content editing and management and much more.

Preventive Maintenance and Support Services

With years of wide experience in technology arena, our team is highly functional and suggestive of various preventice measures that can be incorporated for better optimization and performance of the software. This can be based on constant feedback from the end customers, consultations, incident history, or simple code analysis. We are also experts in dashboard creation and integration of multiple services, thus enabling clients to identify any glitches much earlier than usual, and rectify the same.