Logistics Solutions

Our foray into Logistics was with a client in Northern America, back in 2018. Since then, its been an exciting curve, exploring the various possibilities of Logistics operations, and the client company continues to grow using the solution in Northern America. Warehousing, transportation, tracking, invoicing – we have experts in each, catering to each geographical region.

How we can help?

Our solution expertise in this regard helps clients to create solutions wherein the customer and the provider both gets benefited by online inventory storage and movement. Some of the areas where our solution can help includes the following.

Account and Space Management

Our solution can help you in listing out your space for rent of goods and services, along with detailing on the services provided. We can also assist the potential customers looking for short and long-term spaces, in specific regions and connect them to partner space providers. The accounts are all highly secure and access restricted.

Inventory Management

We have a dedicated inventory and storage system, fully equipped, with detailed inventory sales and inbound reporting and tracking features. The inventory is all coded and entered as one unit into the system, and the whole process is transparent between all involved stakeholders.

Agreements, Invoicing and Payments

We help, using automated processes and reminders, in getting the service providers and the potential clients connect, and we help in agreement draft for inventory movement and storage. The negotiations happen between the service provider and the client, and documentation and contracting can be automated and done online – making it transparent, with minimal issues later. Once agreed, the whole process of inventory creation and payment is completely automated based on agreed terms.

Notifications and Reporting

Periodic notifications, to ensure various logistic milestones, including inventory movement, completion of space listing, invoicing, all these help customers being on track. Additionally, the solution provides multitudes of reports to all customer types, making the whole process smooth and quantifiable.