Online Learning

Online learning platform are the new norm, and these give the much-needed independent feel in teaching and learning. Learning is no longer restricted to the four walls of the classroom. But again, this comes up both as a challenge and an opportunity, for both students and teachers alike. We are proud to introduce our own indigenous learning platform called BRIC Learn, helping private teachers, students, schools and parents alike.


BRIC Learn

BRIC Learn is a simple and easy to use app, enabling specific time bound teaching just as in schools. Using BRIC Learn, upload any media content for teaching and assess progress in multiple ways. The app is highly user friendly, with easy upload of video and other media course content, by the click of a button in your mobile, and also get onto assessment as in school using homework, exams and quizzes.
BRIC Learn brings in separate teacher and parent apps, which work in conjunction, from teaching, learning, assessments, payment and communication. Click below to register and know more about BRIC Learn.
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Get Started with your school or private group in a jiffy

Whether you are a teacher teaching academics at school or a private tutor in academics arts, sports or alternate learning – you can use BRIC Learn app to the most efficient use real fast. All you need is a smart phone or a desktop, and register, create classes and subjects, send invitations, choose your plan and start. And voila, your classes are ready to be broadcasted – live or otherwise, in the most economical manner.

Upload Video and course specific content

Use your mobile or web camera, create quality content, edit, segregate and upload to the specific class/ group. Upload lesson notes and any other content as a tool for teaching concepts. Pay for only the required data, as per your student group. Classify content and students – set timing for classes. All using few simple steps.

Evaluate the students

Teaching alone is never enough – but we need to make sure that the learning is rightly imparted. As parent, it is imperative that the classes that are being paid add value to the child’s education. And what better way than to have evaluations and assessments as done ins schools? Create content specific homework, quizzes and examinations, with real time updates and notifications to parents. Get to know the progress of the child in the selected subjects in a much transparent and quicker way.

Chat, Communicate and Real-time feedback

Teaching and learning is a continuous process, and it is incomplete using Feedback in any manner. Using BRIC Learn, the parents and students can also provide feedback to the learning content, if enabled, thus effectively making it more collaborative. Also, options to chat and communicate on specific subjects, topics and assessments make the learning process all the more alluring and involved.