School Solutions

Edstem has been globally recognized as a leading provider for school based solutions. Our School ERP solutions cater to different curriculum schools, and has specialized modules in academics, fees, catering and much more. The solutions are offered both in SaaS and perpetual licensing models, to cater the school needs, and modules can also be custom built – suiting all requirements of any time of educational institution.

Why Our School Solutions

Affordable solutions catering to all aspects of school management and administration – that is something which every school wants. Integrated solution with one unique key such as the student ID, catering to all aspects, would make administration and management much easier. From academics, administration, catering, finance and communication – a complete solution would ensure data integrity and transparency between all stake holders.
Additionally, no two schools are same, and might vary in academics and administration processes. Our solution is comprehensive, as well as customizable, at the same time much affordable under various plans (both perpetual and SaaS models).
Some of the key benefits that makes our solutions stand out from the crowd -
  • Customizable specific modules, with free customizations for a limited period
  • Comprehensive, integrated solution catering to all aspects
  • Excellent service and support
  • Integrated transparent communication modules between stakeholders
  • Continuous assessment modules, along with online and offline model

Our School Specific Solutions

Our school solutions have all been built to scale, and cater to all major school functions. The modules in each of these solutions are customizable, and each of the solutions comes with basic and premium features. Listing out the key features of few of our major school related solutions.

Edstem and Edstem 360

Edstem school ERP is the flagship school ERP solutions, and forms the template of various other custom school ERP solutions. Edstem primarily caters the Indian Curriculum schools, and is enriched with all the features required for the schools. The highlight being the array of custom reports needed for schools in various locations.
Edstem360 app is a concise app, specifically catering to parents using Edstem. It is highly secure, rich with all parent related features, and is one app for notifications, reporting and other key parent functions.


BRIC is a school ERP solution designed specifically for schools following British Curriculum. The solution is custom made in the academics module, with wide reporting and progress tracking features enabled for academic and non-academic functions.


Foodnube is a unique catering app, developed specifically for school children. Foodnube ensures that the canteen transactions in the school are seamless and cashless, with less or no wait time for the children. Also, the app continuously tracks the diet intake, and allows parents to order food on behalf of the children, thus ensuring that there is no food related issues encountered and the children eat just right, at school.
With help from your team and inputs from the company leadership, our DevOps architects gain an understanding of your processes and activities at each stage. They identify steps that add value and those that do not. Such an as-is value stream mapping will provide an organized improvements necessary to optimize it.


SIMR is a school ERP solution built on similar lines with Edstem, but catering specifically to schools in the Kingdom of Oman. SIMR offers multifold reports as needed by the Education Ministry in Oman, and helps with easy administration and management of these by the schools.

Wish to know more?

As mentioned, all our schools are easy to install, and economical – and just right for almost every function at the school. Wish to know more about one or more of our solutions? Do reach us by clicking on the link below, and we will be more than happy to offer you the best solution and suggest the most affordable plan.
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