Tracking Solutions

One of our earliest indulgence was in tracking solution, and the highlight of all tracking solutions was the solution named ‘uTraak’, primarily a tracking solution for school buses. Over the years, uTraak has gained popularity in the Middle East, and with its accurate live tracking, notifications and various modes of tracking (automated and manual), it is indeed one of the most cost-effective tracking solution for school buses. SecureTraak is another tracking solution to track and monitor security personnel using mobile app and back office web application.


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uTraak is an intelligent, next generation, accurate GPS bus tracking solution integrated with the student ID cards, designed for high ease of use and accuracy. SecureTraak is a complete solution to track and monitor security personnel using mobile app and back office web application Want to know try our tracking solutions? Please click on 'Request a Demo' link below.
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About uTraak

A highly intelligent system which is designed to Know the exact location of any particular school bus, confirm the child's presence on the bus, ensure when the bus is nearing a particular bus stop, get notified on any updates - all with a single click in your mobile app or in the internet browser.
  • Accurate live tracking of children to and from school
  • Customizable reports for admin
  • Real-time notifications on pick-up, drop-off, SoS messages
  • Report live feedback and instant chat options.
  • Geo-fencing and speed monitoring capabilities
  • Secure login using fingerprint for staff
  • On-premise GPS restricted attendance check in / out of staff
  • Checklists for security staffs
  • Emergency contact numbers in one place with dynamic number updates from back office.
  • Live tracking of all security staff by managers
  • Detailed reports for management
  • History of work hours for the employees and management

About SecureTraak

SecureTraak is a complete solution to track and monitor security personnel using mobile app, along with a full-fledged web based back office application for admin management. It is loaded with secure features for tracking, reporting and management of security staff.

uTraak Services

uTraak is offered as a complete package to the schools. We offer everything from configuring uTraak as per the school’s tracking needs, to notifications and admin report management for the authorities.

Setup and Deployment

Our technical team will complete the required device configuration in all the school buses. All the pickup and drop off routes will be setup along with the complete student information, retrievable using the ID card number. These will be managed by our support staff who will also make the necessary customizations and changes based on the school requirements.

ID Card Supply

For the students travelling in bus our design team will provide the student ID card design and after the approval from School, the ID cards will be printed and distributed for students. If the school requires standardized ID cards for all students and staff members we are happy to help you as well. The school can opt for inclusive rates for these cards and the nature of the cards (NFC, RFID, other cards) and uTraak can be configured accordingly.

Notifications and Support

Notifications in uTraak are real-time and configured based on the school requirements. This is communicated to parents upfront, for ease of mind. uTraak offers wide range of support modes such as dedicated support staff at the school, instant chat, phone based support or email based support. These support modes can be chosen by the school, and is round the clock, specifically during peak school pick-up and drop-off timings.

Admin Dashboard and Reports

We provide admin dashboard and reports feature free of cost to all partner schools. Using the same, the admin would be able to assign student to buses, track buses live, see the live pickup and drop off for student, get monthly reports on the tracking, any deviations in bus routes, driving speed and other driving statistics and much more.